Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine

VieSID Research

The Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry aims at contributing to the understanding of occlusion and orofacial dysfunction which deeply affect people´s well-being in modern societies.

We fully appreciate the advantages of interdisciplinary research, and collaberate with experts in various fields of medicine, science and technology.

Also, we are convinced that research and continuous education are the most effective means to uphold to our high-standard courses.

Dr. Cinzia Fornai, with her background as biological anthropologist and morphometrician, leads our scientific and clinical research work.

Statement Dr. Cinzia Fornai:

"Over my long-standing collaboration within the field of Dental Medicine, faciliated by Prof. Rudolf Slavicek, I have developed a vivid interest for the evolutionary changes of the human masticatory system.
My goal is to develop and assist research on all clinical or scientific aspects leading  us to a deeper understanding of the masticatory system. Through my research work, I aim to inform various aspects or Oral Medicine, and support education."

Cinzia Fornai´s academic and scientific background: ORCID and SCOPUS