Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine


Advanced Basic Curriculum

The VieSID Advanced Basic Curriculum is the logical follow-up of the VieSID Basic Curriculum.

The target group of the course are students who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of functional occlusion medicine in dentistry. Participants can be dentists (generalist, orthodontists, prosthodontists) and dental technicians.

The course is designed to be an ideal preparation for the VieSID Continuum Courses in Prosthetic or Orthodontic dentistry. The instructors of the Advanced Course will master their ability to proper document and diagnose complex patient cases with the students.    They will highlight the standardized procedures, but also the needs for individual adaptations, based on the needs of complex patient problems. Students will be focused on the advantages of the VieSID concept, the necessity of the diagnostic procedures (inter- and intradisciplinary) and the understanding of the purpose of each step to be followed.

Students will also be assisted in solving ‘simple’ problems of handling software as well as maintaining and operating instruments in a proper way. There will be time for individual help and assistance.

The main topics which will be covered in the Advanced Course sessions are repetitions and deepening of the most important theories and techniques of the VieSID Basic Curriculum:

  • Reference Position (Theory – Praxis – Quality Check – Reliability - Reproducibility)
  • Condylography (Theory – Praxis – Hinge-Axis – Reliability – Reproducibility)
  • Mounting Process of True-Hinge-Axis
  • Techniques and Repetitions of Clinical Analysis (Occlusion, Muscle Palpation)
  • Interpretation and Diagnostic findings in Condylographic Tracings
  • Differential Diagnosis – sorting, connecting, summarizing and judging of the various diagnostic records with the goal of      a final diagnoses
  • Initial therapeutic steps to confirm or deepen the diagnoses
  • Development of treatment objectives, the concept of Therapeutic Position

Seminar organization

Datum: Module A-B Dates to be announced

Kursort:                 University Clinic of Dentistry, Sensengasse 2a, 1090 Vienna, Austria

Organization:       VieSID e.V. in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna               

Kosten:                    Euro 3.000.--

Anzahl der Teilnehmer: limitiert     

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