Vienna School of Interdisciplinary Dentistry

Education in Occlusion Medicine


Announcement regarding VieSID Education at the Medical University of Vienna

The current worldwide situation is for all universities and educational institutions a difficult challenge. Hence this situation also affects the VieSID education program conducted in cooperation with the Medical University of Vienna. The University of Vienna and VieSID are of course committed to preserve the continuity of the education schedule.

This letter has the purpose to inform you, how we will proceed with the VieSID courses:

In the past few days VieSID intensively worked together with the university course director, the teachers and our technical course organization, to develop a system to guarantee an ongoing online-focused course program, which we are happy to present you now:  

1. In the first step all currently ongoing VieSID courses and their modules, which would have been held in May 2020 at the University Clinic of Dentistry Vienna, will be switched to online classes, a so-called WEBINAR.  

2. VieSID webinars are live streamed courses, with the contents of the VieSID Curricula. The teaching will be held by various VieSID lecturers of our programs. Webinars include: Lecture, case presentation, demonstrations, group discussions and Q&A’s.  

3. If scheduled, there will be simultaneous translation into Russian language provided.

4. Only registered VieSID students of our curricula have the permission and access to our webinars.

5. Sequences of the courses, which include practical parts and hands on exercises, will be postponed to “a time after the crisis” (most likely in autumn 2020). The duration of each module will then be adapted appropriately.

6. All VieSID students will get a free access to a highly user-friendly and reliable software, called “ZOOM”. This software offers a variety of modern tools and possibilities to provide an attractive, online-based learning experience. The Zoom client app is available for free download in Apple store or for Windows and Android systems: the students should start to sign up with the same e-mail address they use to register at VieSID course and create their own profile with photo.

7. The system requirements for students are held very basic and are standard for a modern computer equipment. Requirements for joining a webinar are:     - Fast and stabile internet access     - Windows or Mac computer, tablet computers, all with appropriate audio- and video-function (loudspeaker or earphones or headset, microphone and webcam.

All students of VieSID, who can benefit from the continuative online-based courses, will be contacted individually by us, or our VieSID partners. The participants will receive all necessary information to join such a webinar.

All registered participants will get as usual a certificate of attendance, via Email, after finishing a webinar.

 VieSID webinars are events from the Medical University of Vienna.

 Best regards,

 Christian Slavicek

VieSID e.V. / President

March 25, 2020